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Wazobia Investment is an investment company which offers leveraged margin investment programme through a peer-to-peer funding market using Nigeria Naira currency or Bitcoin currency. Wazobia Investment has developed a National coverage, multiple payment options and very active support which are accompanied by time-proven platform stability that guarantees safety of assets, funds and data.

A Regular user is a registered member of Wazobia Investment.

A Guider is a Regular user of Wazobia Investment who have reffered up to 10 actived users on the system. As a Guider he/she will be earning extra percentage from every users under them.

Yes, You can own multiple accounts with the same name but the system requires a different phone number, email address and different banking details for verification.

You can make deposit through these processes:

  1. Login to your account or register an account if you don't have one.
  2. On your dashboard, click on activated my account button to activate your account.
  3. After activation, click on the invest button on your dashboard.
  4. Enter the amount you will like to invest and submit.
  5. You will be merged to another user(s) and his/her bank account number will be given to you on your dashboard to make the payment. Next make the payment of the amount through bank transfer, bank deposit or internet banking. Then your payment will be confirmed. You may have to call the user merged to you

You can make withdrawal through these processes:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Ensure you have a running investment on the system.
  3. On your dashboard you will see a withdraw button after your investment is due for withdrawal.
  4. Click on the button then you will be placed on queue to be merged to receive from another user.
  5. Confirm the user after you have been merged and have received your alert from him/her. You can also share your testimony on the system to encourage others to join this great platform.
  6. Wazobia Investment Programme supports 100% Recommitment Policy for all Users. This means that you must have an outstanding pledge minimum of your previous amount that that is running on the system before you can make any withdrawal on the system.

The minimum you can invest in Naira is ₦10,000.00.

The minimum you can invest in Bitcoin is 0.004฿.

We currently accept payments with Nigeria Naira and Bitcoin

You are not mandated to refer someone to earn but you can choose to refer a friend and earn 10% of your referred users first Investments. There are no limits to this.

An active user on Wazobia Investment is a registered user who have an activated account that is not blocked and have make at least one investment on the system which he/she must have completed the payment on it.

Only Users that have activated their account are eligible to participate in the Wazobia Investment Programme. However you must be 18 years or about to participate.

Your first Investment in the system attains maturity and is eligible for withdrawal after 72 hours (3 Days) irrespective of your preferred currency. In subsequent investments however, this will take 7 days.

You are eligible to receive payment from your Investment once you have fulfilled the necessary conditions for it, then you can withdraw by clicking on the withdraw button on your dashboard when the Investment is due for withdrawal. You will be merged to a User(s) that will to pay you and the money will be sent to the bank account or Bitcoin address you registered with.

We strongly object to Members borrowing money to participate on Wazobia Investment Programme. Members are rather encouraged to participate ONLY with THEIR SPARE MONEY. This is because all Investments on the system are considered as pure DONATIONS to each other.

NO, we strongly kick against members pledging amount based on the money they are expecting. This is because if a participant that is assigned to pay you defaults your payment, you automatically defaults the payment of the participant you're assigned to Pay. This will ultimately lead to the blocking of your account since we do not tolerate default irrespective of how genuine your reason(s) might be.

Yes, you can choose to increase the amount you are investing on Wazobia Investment Programme any time but you will not be able to reduce your amount after increasing it.

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